Alucone® Aluminium roofs

Alucone® ALUROOFS aluminium roofs, in addition to their quality design, materials and self‐ supporting capacity, they adapt to a variety of equipment geometries and load requirements.



Self‐supporting cover for circular shape units up to 20m diameter

Highly resistant to corrosion and UV rays

High durability, no maintenance

Material quality assured

Design and calculations supported by specific standards

Easy installation

Wide range of accessories

Design and manufacturing

Suitable for units of variety of shapes and up to 10m span

Designed according to specific regulations (EUROCODE, national codes,..) Design process supported by a strong engineering team committed to provide the best solution in terms of structural performance and cost

Fully automated manufacturing process with great production capacity, high precision using CNC machinery and reduced manufacturing times

UNE‐EN ISO 9001 y EN 1090‐1:2009+A1:2011 (CE Mark)


Easy installation covers with different assembling procedures.

We supply detailed installation drawings and instructions.

Specialized and experienced assembling crews. If required, you can hire the assistance of a supervisor.

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